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The equine nutrition course for every horse lover!

The online course ‘The New Feeding Concept’ is a must-have for every horse lover! If you order the course, you will receive the book, so you have a complete package to delve into equine nutrition and you can get started yourself with calculating an appropriate diet that meets your horse’s needs.

The digestive system in pictures

Proper nutrition starts with knowledge about the horse’s digestive system. We cover the digestive system from mouth to manure in clear text and images. A vet takes you through the characteristics of healthy teeth and we look at the inside of the stomach by means of a gastric scan.

The Nutritional Pyramid

The nutritional pyramid is a great tool to understand the theory behind composing a proper diet. Every feed consists of different components that we will discuss one by one.

Different feeds

So many horses, so many different types of feed. From alfalfa to senior mix and from basic pellets to sport muesli. In words and images we’ll discuss the different types of feed available for our horses. What are the characteristics and which horses are they most suited for?

Knowledge is power!

One of the major changes when you look at feeding the way we do it today and how we used to do it, is the fact that you can have your roughage analysed and this is happening more and more often. A good thing, because that’s the only way you can know what is really in your roughage. We look at four roughage samples based on their properties and then compare these with the laboratory results.

The real thing!

And then it’s time for the calculations, but without needing to do any calculating yourself. We have the results of the roughage analyses you can use to determine which supplementation the horse might still need. To be able to do this properly and easily, you’ll receive free access to a calculation program for 1 month. This way you can compose an optimal diet for your horse, without having to work out complicated formulas and tables yourself!

What if something is wrong with your horse?

In Part 1 we look at the nutritional needs of the healthy horse, in part 2 we’ll zoom in on horses with disorders. We’ll treat various disorders that can occur in the digestive system, but also look at diseases that are related to nutrition. For example, think of PPID or summer eczema. How can you calculate an appropriate diet for a horse that has intestinal or liver problems and what should you pay attention to when feeding an older horse with dental problems? This will all be discussed in Part 2 of The New Feeding Concept online course!


For all students of The New Feeding Concept, Annette will give a monthly webinar, exploring a different theme each time.